[SOLVED!] Zoom G3 Vs. G3n: Which One Offer More Value


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Like everything else, guitarists must remember one rule of thumb while shopping for pedals: “You get what you pay for”. That being said, you don’t have to get the most expensive products on the shelves. Actually, the market of guitar effects pedals nowadays offers a variety of affordable and quality options, namely the Zoom models. To budget-minded guitar players, Zoom G3 and Zoom G3n happen to be among the most cost-effective pedals. Naturally, the subject of Zoom G3 vs G3n attracts a lot of attention from music enthusiasts with tight wallets. 

Don’t know which Zoom pedal would be a good match for your play style? If that is so, this article should come in handy. Down below, you shall be introduced to pretty much everything you must keep in mind regarding the characteristics of Zoom G3 and Zoom G3n.

Specifications Of Zoom G3 vs G3n Modes

Generally speaking, to make an informed conclusion while discussing Zoom G3 vs. G3n, it’s of utmost importance that guitar players know the basic specs of the Zoom models. 

Zoom G3

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  • Dimensions: 234 x 170 x 54 Millimeters (W x D x H)  
  • Weight: 1.28 Kilograms 
  • Effects: 94
  • Number Of Effects That Could Be Used Simultaneously: 6
  • Built-In Rhythm Patterns: 41
  • Tuner Range: 435 – 445 Hz

Zoom G3n 

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  • Dimensions: 234 x 181 x 58 Millimeters (W x D x H)  
  • Weight: 1.2 Kilograms 
  • Effects: 70
  • Number Of Effects That Could Be Used Simultaneously: 7
  • Built-In Rhythm Patterns: 68 
  • Tuner Range: 435 – 445 Hz

Comprehensive Evaluation Of Field Performances Of Zoom G3 vs G3n

Zoom G3

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  • Rugged And Easy To Handle 

Packing a solid metal chassis as well as tough footswitches, Zoom G3 would be able to stand up to regular live use without much difficulty. Considering its modest profile and feather-light weight, guitar players could set up the Zoom pedal virtually anywhere they like. Thanks to the clear displays, it’s a breeze for you to keep track of current operation with just a glance. Through the cursor buttons, people should have no trouble making changes to the effects in a blink of an eye. Aside from physical editing, digital editing is also possible using Zoom’s Edit & Share software. 

  • Come Loaded With Practical Patches 

Besides showing the superb capabilities of the model, the preloaded patches of Zoom G3 also prove to be pretty practical. With a wide range of individual effects, the Zoom unit could produce instantly usable tones. Of course, in the case you wish to tweak things a bit, the pedal offers quite a few effects combinations which result in numerous sounds. As Zoom G3 permit guitarist to change between patches, you would be able to use handpicked effects for specific songs.   

  • No Audible Gap In Use 

It only takes a millisecond to change from one patch to another on Zoom G3 – a record time in the world of multi-effects pedals. That is why you should never notice audible gaps while using the model from Zoom. If you happen to want more parameter manipulation then feel free to add an expression pedal, a footswitch for tempo,… Unfortunately, the unit possesses just one socket so it’s impossible for you to have the pedal and the footswitch on at the same time. 


  • Lack Of Transparent Bypass Tone

If you connect Zoom G3 to amps and bypass the effects, the dynamic changes considerably as the signal become compressed. Needless to say, the volume, the gain, the feel,… would change too which creates issues. 

  • Headroom Is Less Than Ideal

The input of Zoom G3 seems to have inadequate headroom for high output pickups as well as heavy-handed guitarists. Clipping the input often leads to ugly popping noises that remain in the signal long after distortion effects kick in.  

Zoom G3n

image of zoom g3n


  • Plenty Of Custom Crafted Patches

With Zoom G3n, you could access assortments of custom patches made by Zoom guitar players which let you emulate iconic sounds of famous musicians. Through Guitar Lab software, it’s generally a breeze for music enthusiasts to add new exclusive patches to the unit. In addition to that, the model boasts various rhythm patterns, a major plus for practice rigs and “one-man band” performances these kinds of days. At any time, users should have no trouble bypassing the current patch using the integrated chromatic tuner. 

  • Lots Of Inputs And Outputs 

Aside from a standard guitar input, Zoom G3n also employs an auxiliary stereo input for music players and smartphones. A delicate headphone jack for mono/stereo L/R connection, PA systems, audio interfaces and so on is present on the pedal as well. Thanks to the Mic On/Off feature, you could optimize the Zoom model for particular sound setups without much difficulty. All in all, Zoom G3n is a rather forgiving effect pedal to work with for most of the time.  

  • Interface Is Plain, No-Nonsense

Through the intuitive interface of Zoom Guitar Lab software, you would be able to manage effect chains of Zoom G3n as you see fit. The control is purely point-and-click so it’s impossible to go wrong here.  


  • Somewhat Poorly Written Instruction Manual

A lot of novice guitarists feel that the instruction manual of Zoom G3n is written by techs for techs. Hence, if you don’t know much about effect pedals overall, you might have to watch a ton of Youtube videos to grasp the basics.  

  • Unable To Support Patch Building

While Zoom G3n let you mess with various patches crafted by Zoom guitarists, the unit lacks the ability to support custom building on computer. Such a limitation tends to prevent people from getting the most out of the pedal.     

Conclusion about zoom G3 vs G3n: Your Money, Your Choice

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All things considered, while talking about Zoom G3 vs G3n, it’s hard to decide which pedal model is superior without considering individual preferences. 

Though Zoom G3n is indeed the newer unit with improved sound quality, many Zoom G3 vs G3n comparisons notice that the improvement comes at the cost of versatility. Because of that, if you prefer a simple pedal effect with flexible outputs, power options and so on, pick Zoom G3. On the other hand, go with Zoom G3n in the case sound quality is your topmost priority.