[SOLVED!] Amped And Ready: Revv D20 Vs. G20


For your information, the choice of amplifiers can make all the difference in live performances. Because of that, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible before bringing an amp on stage. Both D20 and G20 of Revv look appealing to you which makes it hard for you to decide? Then you should find my article on Revv D20 Vs. G20 helpful. 


Revv D20

Revv D20 is an amp of Canadian origin and it’s well-known as one of the leading amps available for purchase on the market. The reason is obvious: it delivers extremely clean crunch and breakup tones in most of the cases. It consists of a pair of 12AX7 valves in the preamp and a pair of 6V6s in the power amp. Aside from that, it possesses one channel and its adjustment range from 20 watts to 4 watts. Additionally, it features a serial buffered effects loop to further enhance your guitar’s effects. 

Noteworthily, Revv D20 carries a built-in two-notes reactive load so people get to fine-tune the sounds via virtual cabinets as they see fit. A total of six customisable virtual cabinets exist and users can select them using the front knob. At 4.1kg, Revv D20 is by all accounts compact and light which eases transportation. Nowadays, the price of Revv D20 revolves around  $950.

Revv G20

In case you don’t know, Revv G20 is part of the same series as D20 but it came out one year later and boasted several improvements as a result. Similar to D20, D20 is compact and relocating is a walk in the park. Interestingly, both amps also use the same valves: 12AX7 for preamp and 6V6 for power amp. The adjustable range of G20 matches that of D20 (between 20 watts and 4 watts).

Unsurprisingly, Revv G20 also packs a two-notes module and MIDI switching but it includes three more for the front and rear panel components. At the moment, guitarists must spend around $1350 for Revv G20. 



Once it comes to appearance, D20 and G20 look a lot like each other but given their close release dates within the same series, that is to be expected. 

Since the amps come in either black or white, they have a simple yet sophisticated look. You will find all the control knobs on black fascia and the switches have an internal blue glow when the amp is powered. Moreover, in the front, there is a big Revv logo that lights up and changes color depending on which channel is currently enabled. In the case of the carry handle, you may fold it when the amp is not in use. 

Overall, both D20 and G20 feature a sleek and professional appearance despite their compactness.


Needless to say, sound is the selling point of amps as their purpose is to simultaneously enhance sound quality and increase the volume. Even though D20 and G20 share a lot of similarities in controls and features, they differ from each other significantly in terms of sound. 

The takeaway here is that G20 features the aggression modes of G3 that change the character of high-gain tones. That is why G20 earns the reputation of being a “metal” amp. However, you can rest assured knowing that it’s still possible to add extra bass/treble and push for low-end to the lead channel in times of need. 

D20, on the other hand, is an amp capable of presenting super clean sounds. By taking advantage of the cleaness of the sound, you should be able to maintain clarity regardless of genres. If necessary, you may use the Push/Pull Gain knob for customization. 

Ease of Access

Due to their compact design, some people think that these amps would come alongside issues such as missing controls, messy wiring. However, it’s important to point out that is not true. 

To put it plainly, the user interface of the amps is straightforward. Whether you want to include a MIDI and load presets like a professional or simply looking to plug and play, these models won’t give you a hard time. Keep in mind that while the amps have USB ports for connecting to a PC each, you don’t necessarily have to use them. The wiring is also tip-top optimal, so you won’t find any complaints about it.


Revv D20Revv G20
Release Year20192020
Valves2x 12AX7, 2x 6V62x 12AX7, 2x 6V6
Output20w – 4w20w – 4w
Weight4.1kg/9 lbs4.1kg/9 lbs
USB SupportYesYes
AppearanceSimple, ProfessionalSimple, Professional
SoundClean, Smooth Enhances Metal