[SOLVED!] Family Faceoff: Mogami 2534 Vs. 2549 – The Cable Clash


In spite of its size, the mic cable actually plays a key role in audio setups and requires special attention. At the moment, Mogami makes some of the best cables and prime examples include Mogami 2534 and 2549. While Mogami 2549 provides excellent sound quality, Mogami 2534 is held in high esteem owing to its noise cancellation. If you have trouble deducing the model that comes out on top in Mogami 2534 vs. 2549, my article can help you out. 

A Summary Of The Cables 

Mogami 2534Mogami 2549
Number of Conductors42
Conductor SizeLarge gauge conductorSmall gauge conductor
Insulation MaterialCellular PolyethyleneCross-linked Polyethylene
Price$1.19 per foot$0.90 per foot
ApplicationProfessional studio and live music setups.Patching and general audio setups.

Mogami 2534 Vs. 2549: Breakdown 


Mogami 2534

For your information, Mogami 2534 is a quad cable which means it features four conductors organized in pairs. Such an arrangement ensures proper signal balance across the cable and stops interference from affecting performance. In other words, the presence of the four conductors is responsible for the tip-top noise cancellation that Mogami 2534 offers. Needless to say, Mogami 2534 is the ideal model for environments that contain quite a few sources of signal interference. 

Additionally, Mogami 2534 makes use of large gauge conductors that keep resistance low for most of the time. Because of that, Mogami 2534 won’t let you down if you desire consistent signal transmission over long distances.

Mogami 2549

In the case of Mogami 2549, it only packs two conductors so its interference protection falls behind that of Mogami 2534. However, Mogami 2549 still gives a good account of itself if there is no significant source of signal interference in the surroundings. About conductor size, Mogami 2549 incorporates small gauge conductors so resistance may become an issue if you run the cable over long distances. It’s important to point out that Mogami 2549 works wonders in short distances though. 

Insulation Material

To put it plainly, Mogami 2534 integrates high-quality cellular polyethylene insulation that provides low capacitance and dielectric properties. It also helps block external signals and minimizes signal loss. Meanwhile, Mogami 2549 utilizes cross-linked polyethylene insulation but that changes between versions. As a whole, the insulation of Mogami 2549 is solid but not as good as that of 2534.   


Since both cables boast a polyvinyl chloride jacket, they can handle abuse while remaining adaptable. 

Regarding Mogami 2534, it employs a dense serve shield that is either spiral or braided. The shield is capable of blocking noise and electromagnetic interference to preserve the performance of the cable. About Mogami 2549, shielding also exists and it should reduce EMI and other external interferences. Still, people that care about the level of protection tend to lean toward Mogami 2534 once it comes to Mogami 2534 vs. 2549. 


Thanks to its fantastic performance and superior shielding, Mogami 2534 is well-suited for audio setups that require long cables and noise cancellation. Unsurprisingly, Mogami 2534 is popular among artists who need some solid cable for studio recordings, live shows, … For Mogami 2549, it’s usually adequate for casual applications in which the budget is modest. 


All in all, Mogami 2534 and Mogami 2549 cables prove themselves to be amazing products with unique characteristics and distinct applications. In that case that you seek a cable for professional applications, you should find 2534 to be an excellent model. If you have little money and don’t need fancy stuff, 2549 is going to be sufficient. 

Insights Into The Interchangeability of Mogami 2534 And Mogami 2549 

In layman’s terms, it’s possible to use Mogami 2534 and 2549 interchangeably but you must take the audio setup into account. For instance, you should consider the length of the cable since Mogami 2549 is only ideal for short distances. If you need to run cable over long distances, go for  2534.

The Ruggedness Of Mogami 2534 and Mogami 2549: Overview 

Both cables have PVC jackets that can handle rough handling but they are not meant for outdoor use. Mogami 2534 and 2549 cables only perform to their full potential indoors or in controlled environments. If you want to use a cable outdoors, get one with a strong jacket so it may withstand harsh weather conditions.