[SOLVED!] Colorful Clash: Seafoam Blue Vs. Seafoam Green


When you design something, regardless of the scale, it is never truly complete until you choose the suitable color scheme. Considering the number of colors you can pick from via hex color codes nowadays, there is no shortage of options. Still, on occasions, you would come across two colors that with different hex codes yet appear nearly identical such as Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green. If those colors confuse you, take a look at my article and find out more Seafoam Blue vs. Seafoam Green.

Quick Rundown On The Colors 

Essentially, Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green are variations of the Seafoam color which is itself a blend of three colors: light blue, green, and gray. Often found in nature, the Seafoam color’s shade can gravitate toward either blue or green. In the case that the color of Seafoam leans toward blue, the result is Seafoam Blue. On the other hand, if green gains dominance in Seafoam’s shade, we have Seafoam Green.

For your information, since seafoam in real life features a natural white color, the Seafoam color isn’t actually based on seafoam but rather the ocean surrounding it. Similar to the ocean, the Seafoam color can come in darker as well as lighter shades. You may occasionally find it adorned by the pink in addition to yellow hue of the sun.

Seafoam Blue Vs. Seafoam Green: Comparison


Seafoam Blue

As the name suggests, Seafoam Blue uses Blue as the base color. The color consists of 69.02% red, 89.41% green, and 91.76% blue – a light shade of cyan with blue as the main color. Seafoam Blue has the hex color code #78D1B6. 

Seafoam Green

About Seafoam Green, it uses Green as the base color. It is composed of 74.12% red, 92.94% green, and 87.06% blue – a light shade of cyan with a greener tint. Seafoam Green’s hex color code is #93E9bE. 

To be perfectly frank, there are very few differences to be found between Seafoam Green and Seafoam Blue. Aside from their color compositions and their hex codes, no significant differences exist between them. However, via a bit of mixing and matching, you can still use these colors to create distinct moods in times of need. 


Despite all the differences in their definitions, the fact remains that when you put these two colors side-by-side, they look nearly identical to the naked eye. It’s not hard to see why: 

  • The first reason is that Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green both have green and blue as their main color. 

We know Seafoam Blue has a composition of 69.02% red, 89.41% green, and 91.76% blue. The moment you lay your eyes on the statistics, you should be able to see that Blue is without a doubt the main color. But if you look at the 2nd highest percentage, green is only behind by 2.35%. The same is true for Seafoam Green, with blue only 5.88% behind green. 

Hence, with blue and green being so close to each other, it can be hard to tell Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green apart, regardless of what the actual main shade is.

  • The second reason is they have the same origin. 

Both versions are, at their core, variations of Seafoam Color. As a result, every time we use these colors as-is, we will end up with similar shades with some very minor differences. Aside from that, when you decide to brighten, darken or mix them with other colors, it will be even more difficult to tell the differences. 

All in all, there is no denying that Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green are extremely similar. In real-life scenarios, it is very common to see someone refer to Seafoam Blue as Seafoam Green, or vice versa. Due to this nature, most people just merge the two colors as Seafoam Blue-Green.


Seafoam BlueSeafoam Green
Hex Code#78D1B6#93E9bE
Composition69.02% red, 89.41% green, and 91.76% blue74.12% red, 92.94% green, and 87.06% blue
Base ColorBlueGreen

Related Questions

Are Seafoam Blue and Seafoam Green the same?

Technically speaking, no, they are not the same. However, to the general public, the differences are so minor that they might as well be the same. Most people just consider both to be Seafoam Blue-Green. Just try looking up Seafoam Blue on your preferred search engine and you will see the term “Seafoam Green” on quite a few results. 

What color goes well with Seafoam?

When you take its oceanic nature into account, you should think of other colors representing a beach or the sea. For example, you can combine Seafoam with peach, brown, tan, cream colors for a harmonizing color palette.