[SOLVED!] Tunes In Tune: SoundMagic ES18 Vs. Sennheiser CX180


Capable of matching the needs and requirements of most music enthusiasts, SoundMagic ES18 and Sennheiser CX180 have received a shower of praise from the community. Available at affordable prices, both earphones feature impressive sound quality and comfortable designs. Today, we will put  SoundMagic ES18 and Sennheiser CX180 on the scales to determine the winner in SoundMagic ES18 Vs. Sennheiser CX180. Take a look at the following information if you like to own a pair of earphones that fits your preferences. 

The Resumes Of SoundMagic And Sennheiser

In case you don’t know, established in 2005, SoundMagic is a dynamic and innovative brand of audio equipment. Thanks to the attention in research and development, SoundMagic is able to deliver fantastic earphones that redefine industry standards. About Sennheiser, it’s founded in 1945 and today, the brand is famous for its no-nonsense earphones.  Furthermore, Sennheiser releases its earphones at affordable prices which makes them popular among budget-minded music enthusiasts. 

SoundMagic ES18 Vs. Sennheiser CX180: Reviews 

SoundMagic ES18Sennheiser CX180
Connector3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug
Frequency Range15Hz – 22000Hz20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Cable Length1.2m1.2m


Owing to their solid designs, SoundMagic ES18 and Sennheiser CX180 hold together well as time passes by. The conventional construction of ES18 means it takes little time for people to get used to handling the SoundMagic earphones. While the bulkiness of the SoundMagic earphones may cause some inconveniences at times, it’s not a deal-breaker. 

Regarding Sennheiser CX180, it possesses a simple and basic body: plastic body that boasts glossy front and matte back. The lightweight and ergonomic profile results in a high level of comfort no matter the settings. 


All in all, the slim and sleek cable of SoundMagic ES18 cannot handle too much punishment in use. However, if you pay attention and don’t rough up the cable, it’s going to stay in good conditions for years to come. In the case of Sennheiser CX180, its cable is also thin which helps to keep everything light. Still, the cable is tangle-prone and susceptible to cable noise on occasions. 

Noise Isolation 

SoundMagic ES18, supported by its in-ear design and multiple sets of ear tips, usually performs admirably once it comes to noise isolation. By ensuring a snug fit, ES18 consistently blocks out ambient noise and lets music enthusiasts enjoy their music to the fullest. To get the most out of the SoundMagic earphones, people must select the ear tips that match their ears. 

In Sennheiser CX180, the in-ear design as well as the contoured earbuds also score well in terms of noise isolation. However, the ability to isolate noise of CX180 is not as good as that of ES18, especially in noisy environments. 


In the course of operation. SoundMagic ES18 produces powerful and impactful bass response so it is an ideal choice for lovers of bass, hip-hop, EDM, pop, … To put it plainly, if you love a genre where the low-end frequencies play a crucial role, ES18 will satisfy you. Since its bass is punchy and well-extended, the SoundMagic earphones can guarantee a dynamic listening experience. However, a number of music enthusiasts point out that the bass slightly overpowers other frequencies on occasions. 

For Sennheiser CX180, the sound profile is quite balanced: clear highs, well-defined mids and adequate bass response. The audio production of CX180 concentrates on presenting a natural and accurate sound representation so it is suitable for various genres. Additionally, CX180 puts together crisp and detailed trebles which enable vocals and instruments to shine through in the mix. Finally, while the bass of the Sennheiser earphones may not be as pronounced as that of ES18, it still gives people a satisfying low-end response. 


In the end, the choice between SoundMagic ES18 and Sennheiser CX180 depends on individual preferences and the type of music one enjoys. Both earphones by all accounts deliver excellent value for their prices and prove to be attractive models. 

  • If you appreciate bass-driven earphones that present an exciting and dynamic listening experience, SoundMagic ES18 is for you. 
  • If you value a balanced and detailed sound signature that remains faithful to the original recording, you should find Sennheiser CX180 to be a fantastic model.