[SOLVED!] March Of The Marshals: Marshall DSL40C Vs. DSL40CR


While it’s by no means the best amp on the market, DSL40 of Marshall is still capable of catering to all sorts of musicians nowadays. Simple to use and easy to manipulate, the Marshall amp is well-liked and there is a high demand for it. That being said, since DSL40 comes in several variants, it’s not uncommon for people to be puzzled about what to get. Take a look at my article if you have been eyeing DSL40 variants but struggle to decide the winner in Marshall DSL40C vs. DSL40CR.







Size (H x W x D)

19.3 x 24.4  x 10 inches

19.3 x 24.4  x 9.9 inches


52.2 pounds

50 pounds


Celestion Seventy 80

Celestion V-Type

Speaker outputs

3 x ¼ inch jack sockets (16 ohms /8 ohms)

5 x ¼ inch jack sockets (16 ohms /8 ohms/4 ohms)

Power output


40W (20W option is available)

Effect loop




Around $650

Around $800

Insights Into The Marshall Amps 


Overall, both Marshall DSL40C and DSL40CR can deliver 40 watts of power in use which is more than enough for standard applications. That being said, in times of need, it’s possible to use DSL40CR at 20 watts as well. Consequently, in terms of adaptability, DSL40CR is the one that comes out on top in Marshall DSL40C vs. DSL40CR. If you opt for DSL40CR, you should be able to use a single amp for gigs in small-to-medium venues.


Designed to be an all-purpose model, Marshall DSL40C supports a wide range of genres from vintage blue to contemporary metal. The presence of EL34 tubes allows DSL40C to put an emphasis on the mids for most of the time. In addition, while the 12-inch speaker of DSL40C is unexceptional, it nonetheless guarantees a boost to the bottom-ends. If necessary, you may push the presence control a bit more than usual to achieve a bright tone.

In the case of Marshall DSL40CR, it stresses the mids like DSL40C but its tone is more open. Also, the reverb quality of  DSL40CR is superior to that of DSL40C which grants its tone space as well as depth. Needless to say, DSL40CR is capable of adapting to songs of variable genres at a moment’s notice. If you like DSL40C but find its performance less than ideal, DSL40CR is going to be your best bet.

Ease Of Use

From the outside, the user interface of DSL40C may appear difficult to master owing to the series of knobs and switches. However, everything on DSL40C is actually linear and people can learn to manage it in a short period of time. Meanwhile, Marshall DSL40CR and its user interface give musicians a hard time on occasions due to added functions and features. If you don’t know much about Marshall amps and amps in general, it should take a while for you to get used to DSL40CR.

Size And Weight

Once it comes to size, Marshall DSL40C and DSL40CR have nearly the same dimensions (19.3 x 24.4  x 10 inches vs. 19.3 x 24.4  x 9.9 inches). The difference in size is insignificant so articles that cover Marshall DSL40C vs. DSL40CR usually consider it as a non-factor. Regarding weight, between the two Marshall amps, DSL40C is the heavier one (52.2 pounds vs. 50 pounds). Then again, the minor weight gap means DSL40C and DSL40CR have almost identical handling characteristics.


It is not uncommon for the price of amps to rise and drop from time to time but DSL40CR is more expensive than DSL40C. Naturally, musicians that go shopping on tight budgets tend to lean toward DSL40C in Marshall DSL40C Vs. DSL40CR. Still, many people agree that while DSL40CR costs a lot, the values that it offers in use justify its price. In the case that you have money to spend and want something of quality, don’t hesitate to pick up DSL40CR.

Final Words

In layman’s terms, Marshall DSL40C and DSL40CR work well but as the latest version of DSL40, DSL40CR holds an edge over DSL40C. If you seek an up-to-date amp that remains competitive over time, it’s suggested that you grab DSL40CR. On the other hand, if all you desire is a solid amp for standard applications, don’t hesitate to buy DSL40C. As long as you know what you need from your amp, you will be able to make a wise investment.

The Background Of Marshall

Marshall, also known as Marshall Amplification, is a British company that specializes in designing and manufacturing amplifiers, speaker cabinets, headphones, … At the moment, Marshall amps have the reputation of being some of the best amps for guitars on the market. Compared to most of their competitors nowadays, Marshall amps boast increased volumes as well as distinct sound. Naturally, Marshall is the go-to brand of a variety of guitarists who want no-nonsense amps.