[SOLVED!] Line 6 Catalyst Vs. Boss Katana: The Ultimate Comparison


Over the years, a wide range of modeling amps have reached the market but none reach the level of Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana. Dependable and reliable, Line 6 and Boss modeling amps never fail to please which lead to fierce arguments about Line 6 Catalyst vs. Boss Katana.

If you like to hear what the pros have to say regarding Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana, my article is for you. Down below, you will find a summary of professional opinions covering aspects of Line 6 and Boss modeling amps. By reading all the way to the end, you should be able to gain a complete understanding of Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana. That is going to let you determine which amps work best for you and make your purchase accordingly.

An Overview Of The Amps 



Line 6 Catalyst

Boss Katana

Number of amp models

6 (there is also boost for each)

4 (there is also acoustic for each)

Number of wattage options

3 (60W, 100W and 200W)

2 (50W and 100W)

Number of effects


5 (3 variations for each)


12 – inch (specially designed)

12 – inch (specially designed)


Starting from $299

Starting from $269

Line 6 Catalyst Vs. Boss Katana: Insights 


All in all, the community considers Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana to be well-made amps: from the frame to the knobs, everything feels quality. Additionally, the slim and sleek design of Line 6 and Boss modeling amps mean they don’t stand out like a sore thumb. Still, you should know that Line 6 Catalyst is a bit bigger than Boss Katana which leads to a slight difference in weight. Hence, Line 6 Catalyst somewhat lags behind Boss Katana in terms of handling characteristics but the gap is minor.

Verdict: It’s neck-and-neck here but between the two, Boss Katana is more popular among those who prioritize compactness.


Instead of fancy digital menus, Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana feature old-fashioned knobs and buttons. The amount of resistance is just right so you don’t have to worry about accidentally changing the settings as you operate the knobs and buttons. That being said, the interface of Line 6 Catalyst is less crowded than that of Boss Katana so it’s more accessible. In exchange, you must use knob/button combinations to enter effects on Line 6 Catalyst while on Boss Katana, effects have their own knobs and buttons.

Verdict: Again, it’s close. From outside, the interface of Line 6 Catalyst is user-friendly but you will need time to master the way to enter effects. Meanwhile, the interface of Line 6 Catalyst is imposing at a glance but it lets you enter effects with relative ease.


Different people have different preferences so the community is at odds about the sound of Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana. However, musicians usually agree that the sound of Line 6 and Boss modeling amps nicely complement various genres of magic. For clean tones, Boss Katana holds an edge over Line 6 Catalyst but the performance of Line 6 Catalyst is sufficient in most of the cases. Once it comes to crunch and high gain, Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana produce distinct sounds:

  • Line 6 Catalyst sound modern with chunky bottom end
  • Boss Katana sound classic with punchy mids

Verdict: There is no clear winner as not everyone likes the same sound. People who play contemporary music often favor Line 6 Catalyst while those who play vintage songs opt for Boss Katana.


For your information, the price of modeling amps like Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana fluctuate from time to time. Nonetheless, Boss Katana is more affordable than Line 6 Catalyst for most of the time so the former is held in high esteem by budget-minded musicians.

Verdict: You seek no-nonsense modeling amps that don’t cost you an arm and a leg? Then it’s strongly recommended that you pick up Boss Katana and save a couple of bucks.


Quite a few similarities exist between Line 6 Catalyst and Boss Katana but they also differ from each other here and there. To decide the winner in Line 6 Catalyst vs. Boss Katana, you should take your news and requirements into account. If all you desire is a solid modeling amp that is easy to use and simple to manipulate, you won’t regret investing in Boss Katana. In the case that you have money to spend and need a well-equipped amp,  Line 6 Catalyst is going to be your best bet.

Using Modeling Amps: Tips And Tricks 

You don’t have to be an expert to operate modeling amps but if you want to put them to good use, here is a list of suggestions:

  • Experiment, experiment and experiment: By experimenting, you can simultaneously gain insights into the capabilities of your amp and deduce the ideal settings.
  • Create a number of presets: Modern amps allow people to create presets and switch between them in times of need so abuse that to your heart’s content.
  • Secure the amp: Today’s amps won’t get damaged easily but for good measure, you should secure your amp while it’s in use.