[SOLVED!] Which is better; Remo Ambassador vs Emperor?


Drums are loved by everyone. For quite some time now, humans have been known to try creating their drums using a range of materials. Anything that could be beaten or was cylindrical could easily pass as a drum. To get the perfect sound, a man tried using a variety of materials for drum beads.

There are drums that sacks, animals, etc have been used as a drum head. Surely, these provided sounds which were satisfactory for that period but innovation allowed for the creation of so many other options. Despite the abundance of options, there’s still usually one debate about Remo ambassador vs Emperor.

Now, there are a variety of drum head manufacturers and they all do their thing in different ways. Perhaps, you’ve been using your drums for quite some time and want to change the drum heads, where do you get the best option? Which do you pick; Remo ambassador vs Emperor?

What naked this choice so difficult is because both drum heads come from a single manufacturer. By being from the same manufacturer, you can expect that they will have a number of similar features and are made from the same range of materials. Before taking a look at the Remo Ambassador and Emperor, let’s take a quick look and learn something about the manufacturer.

About Remo

Remo has been an industry leader in the production of synthetic drum heads and shell development for 60 years. They have done so much to ensure that humans can get the best benefit from percussion. Through their work, there are now new possibilities for percussion and they have created a variety of trusted options for quite some time.

The company was founded by Remo D Belli. He succeeded in the creation of the first Mylar drumhead. Remo has always managed to keep pushing its standards and each product promises to surpass the limits of the past one. The drumheads which are produced by Remo are known to be full of technical and musical advantages for all drummers and musicians. Remi has committed all of its resources to create the best drum heads in the industry.

Surely, they can help to provide you with the best drumming experience which money can buy.

Remo Ambassador Drumhead

There are two main variants of the Remo Ambassador; coated ambassador and clear ambassador.

Coated Ambassador

The Remo Ambassador is one of the numerous products which are gotten from this top manufacturer. It is the first-choice location for snare drum heads that fit all styles of music. The Remo Ambassador was designed to be very responsive and produce sharp tunes. It is also capable of providing a range of tuning options. The drumheads are also a great choice to make use of on toms and kicks as they create a full and open sound.

The Remo Ambassador is made from a single ply of 10ml coated film. This material helps to give full and open sound coupled with a good sustain. The drums will sound clear. When you strike the drum, it produces a subtle attack that sounds well with other musical instruments. These drumheads are great to use in scenarios that require low or moderate volumes. This makes it a great choice to be used for a studio.

They may not be the best choice for a stage concert but they are equally versatile. If you’re looking to experiment with different sounds, it offers you just that. Tune it high and you will get a brighter sound. Apply medium tension for a warmer sound and more resonance. Or tune it low coupled with a dampener to produce fat and punchy sounds.

It is one of the most popular snare drum heads used in the world. When struck, it responds well to either sticks or brushes. When used with toms, they offer depth with a nice sustain.

Clear Ambassador

There’s basically no coated film in this variant of the product. When struck, its capable of producing a warmer sound than the coated drumhead. It has a loud sound that cuts through other musical instruments.

Remo Emperor Drumheads

Just like the Ambassador, these drum heads consist of two variants namely; coated emperor and clear emperor.

Coated Emperor

The Remo Coated Emperor drumhead is made from two plies of 7ml. The top layer is coated. There is no added dampening for this drum head and it provides a good amount of sustain. The coating helps to add extra definitions to the sound produced. It’s also suited to heavy-hitting. This coated surface works well with sticks and brushes. It helps to provide a responsive surface for even brush strokes.

The coated emperor is suited to medium to loud volume music. It is also known to be good for studio recording. Striking the drum helps to provide warm tones with moderate sustain. Overtones are produced by the drum but they are controlled by the two 7ml plies and extra coating.

The overtones of the drum head still come good when recorded with studio microphones. Some heavy-hitting is allowed by the drum when things get very noisy. For very high volumes, you get the best result by adding a microphone.

Clear Emperor

Unlike the coated variant, there’s no extra coating in this drum head. Because there’s no extra coating, the drum will perform better in extremely loud environments. It may be a great choice for concerts and open-air performances. The sound produced is brighter than the coated variant.


Obviously, these drumheads are one of the best options in the market. However, the remo ambassador is more suited to low and moderate volume drumming. But the remo emperor performs well in louder environments. All you have to do is determine what you want, then pick your choice.